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In brief

The Feldenkrais Method® is the discovery of the essence of movement. It is a process in awareness where, through movement, you access the functions of the mind and body and can change patterns in the nervous system. It's an exploratory style of learning like that of an infant. You learn through exploration, relaxation and awareness. Changes are immediate and spontaneous and affect the body, mind, and feeling as a whole.


Learning how to learn

A key component of the Method is learning how to learn; both neurological and cognitive learning takes place. 

At the neurological level, you are forming new neuronal pathways by doing new movements in an easy way. The brain will naturally select the path of least resistance; it will adopt that pattern of movement which is easiest. This means that movement is automatically improved; your conscious mind does not have to be constantly reminding you of what you should be doing. 


At the cognitive level, you can learn principles of movement so that you are able to explore the movements on your own. During lessons you discover for yourself the quality of coordinated movement and the principles that govern this. The more you begin to understand the Method and the more aware you become of your own body, the more you can facilitate your own learning and improve between sessions.



Benefits of Feldenkrais


The Feldenkrais Method® can help you to:

  • integrate thinking and feeling with action

  • improve posture and co-ordination

  • unwind chronic pain and stress

  • restore the use of your body after an injury

  • develop your intuition and natural body intelligence

  • be more playful, flexible and spontaneous

After a Feldenkrais lesson students often report:

  • a sense of "groundedness"

  • feeling taller and more symmetrical

  • a reduction in muscular aches and pains

  • improved balance

  • better connection to their breathing

  • greater awareness of themselves and their surroundings

  • feeling more relaxed and more comfortable in their bodies

  • improved freedom in their movements

  • greater resonance in their speaking/singing voices

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